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    To jump right in on a low cost grow. Materials, fertilizers, and nutrients. I ferment banana and butternut squash to get all around nutes. As low as I go is one pound to a gallon of water sometimes I don't use water and just let it mush on its own in a jug with a lid on it. I also DO NOT add molasses to get a pure product. Run you over my whole line up of ferment*lemon grass is high in limonene. _
    1veg lemon grass or regular grass clippings fill a bucket half way with grass then cap off with water let suit a week then strain and store._
    2 veg/bloom. 6Dwarf banana or 6regular banana 1.butternut squash or 1.acorn squash. chop up material *smaller the piece quicker the process*put into container with lid let it sit for a couple days shake it to help it mush and separate after about two tree weeks of shaking and sitting you will have banana squash water strain and store._
    3.bloom 1peach 2pear 3potato same as recipe two*potato for starch pear for sugars and preach for pheno expression.
    All should make a gallon of nutes and come from the grocery store.

    Pots and strainers are old shirts. Just plain shirts
    Lighting is LED bulbs with the dimmer dome taken off.
    Thrift store fans and power
    Worms same timetable as nutes just mix all of it together with 50% dead dry leaf put in your backyard cover with shirt turn it twice a week for two weeks then let sit come back and you now have a colony worms love corn of any kind.
    i harvest some worms and only feed eggshell rock dust trimmings and lemon grass

    Soil is the leftover ferment remains with about 10% eggshell and and worm composted cannabis .