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    Today all the plants were watered.

    A4 continues to hang and cure

    A5 continues to drink up fermented syrup water

    And it’s back to tucking A10’s leaves because they are covering buds again.

    A10 was defoliated on day 20 and will be defoliated again. When the result of the defoliation will leave big enough leaves for healthy levels of transpiration.

    A10 is watered twice a day. Because they are special.

    BLD 5 and BLD 4 were culled from the mothers

    BLD 9 was root trimmed

    Ninja Fruits were praying hard this morning.

    They are thick stocked and have peculiarly rippled silky soft leaves


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      A5 was harvested today at 77 days of flower. Yum.

      A4 and A5 are hang drying

      Today some of A10 was defoliated

      Ninja Fruits were bottom fed

      The bonsai mother is still alive


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        Today, A8 is filling out nicely

        A8 consist primarily of the chosen BLD1 phenotype and she is proving to be a wise choice.

        A couple last test runs are confirming the right mothers were culled.

        A10 was lightly defoliated. They still have a lot of growing to do and there will be time to defoliate more later.

        Mysteriously no new clones are replacing chopped trees going out of flower.

        It is almost like the flower room is being cleaned out.

        Ninja Fruits are 10 to 13 inches tall

        They have been seedlings for 21 days now and are officially vegetating tomorrow.

        Within the next few weeks they will be showing sex and gaining probably 1-2 ft in size.

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          Thanks for the updates. I've been watching the videos on youtube and they're nice, short, and your guitar playing is pleasant in the background. Best of luck in 2018!


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            Everything in flower is fine

            A10 was defoliated and more, as small leaves become big leaves

            A4 has been hang drying for 9 days now

            The Ninja Fruit are officially vegetating today at 22 days from sprouting.

            They grew 1.5-2inches in the last 12 hours and they should continue to grow at that rate for the next 2-3 weeks.

            Then slowing down slightly and bushing out

            The Ninja Fruits appeared to be having a good time this morning

            That makes me happy

            Some Ninja Fruit are starting to display desirable growth traits

            While some others not so much

            Bonsai Mother was topped aggressively

            It looks like there is enough foliage to continue drawing water and nutrients up the stock and stems.

            If not that is okay there are back up clones.

            Which are out of control.


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              Everything looks good in the flower room today.

              A10 still gets defoliated now and again as leaves become annoyingly large blocking light to potential AAA buds.

              Ninja Fruit are still vegging and get fed twice a day.

              NF6’s lowest branches have almost surpassed its main stock. Interesting.

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                A8 is still quickly putting on weight half-way through week 7.

                A10 is on their first day of week 5.

                The calyx and hairs are beginning to swell.

                A6 is rarely talked about because it is a small filler batch

                However, they are on day 70 and flushing.

                The dark leaf plant is BLD9.

                The one with a sweet blueberry aroma and it gives off a sour stank when smoked. It’s the best smoke and lowest yielding at the same time. Agony.

                At 70 days 99% of the trichomes are clear.

                The Ninja Fruit tray was rotated

                No pre-flower buds starting yet

                A4 has been hang drying for 11 days now.

                Some test buds were trimmed yesterday, air dried, and tested today.

                Smooth smoke, clean taste.

                There was no cough or hard, charcoal tasting, black rock of bud left over.

                They will hang for another day or two


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                  Today, some A4 buds were dry trimmed.

                  The buds are annoyingly sticky and deliciously stanky.

                  More A4 buds will be trimmed tomorrow and probably more the day after that.

                  Ninja Fruits are nearly 2ft tall.

                  They are bottom fed twice a day.


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                    Today all the plants were watered

                    A6 will be harvested in 3 days

                    A8 is now on week 8 and will continue packing on weight for at least another week before slowing down.

                    Except for this phenotype which has already given up. This is as big as these buds will get.

                    Some of A8 are beginning to lean because of their top weight

                    A10 is now frosty and verrrry sticky

                    A4 and A5 were dry trimmed and jarred.

                    Ninja Fruit are 2ft tall and should continue fast vertical growth for another 12 inches before taking bushing out a little more seriously.

                    NF5 was the first to show pre-flowers at the 6th tier, at 25 days since sprouting

                    ... the other Ninja Fruit are following in suite as they are headed into week 5 tomorrow with 7 tiers.

                    It is going to become difficult keeping the Ninja Fruit watered because they are drinking a lot of water out of these small pots.


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                      A6 trichomes at day 75

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