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Obi wan day 34 flower

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  • Obi wan day 34 flower

    Hey everybody hope all is well let me start out by saying this obi wan strain is no joke I planted one obi wan and one Malibu pie and a variety of other strains. Turned out the Malibu was a male so I had to chop and the obi wan just had amazing structure and was just super easy to grow although the stretch was unreal when I flipped the lights it just blew up doubling all other plants which is awesome just wasn't expecting it. So I'm running rdwc system and running skunk labs nutes with mammoth p and the plants seem super happy I did a major defoliation at the light flip and then again at 21 days and the plants seemed to love it lots of bud sites. My r/h is around 35 not ideal and temps are around 70 at all times. The pics attached are day 32 but I figured I would attach here. Can't wait to see how the obi wan will stack up I will keep posting weekly pics of how she's doing.

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    Right on! I have an OB in my line up as well. Good luck with her! I popped a "10 pack" with 12 beans in it and I found most of the plants grew the same. I had one pheno that started earlier and finished earlier than the rest, but I ultimately kept a more vigorous "vegger" that looks A LOT like the one you have here.


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      Looking Good! Obis will stretch for days.


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        Thanks guys!! Ya the obi is just on another level and the smells coming off of it are amazing. I have another Malibu and obi in veg and they are seeming to be structured same way malibu is more bushy and shorter just hoping I get a female of the Malibu this time. Took a few cuts off the obi I had to keep her alive lol their still in the cloner though took cuts a little late but no biggie. I'll get you guys some more pics of the obi in flower I'm hoping she stacks up